What can I offer you with my business?

My business involves providing tax consultancy and training services to professionals and their clients.

EXPERIENCE - Using experience gained firstly through the Inland Revenue and subsequently as a consultant and lecturer, my aim is to provide tailored solutions to problems encountered when dealing with the tax affairs of individuals and businesses.

APPROACH - I hope that I am approachable and provide advice that is both understandable and practical in the context of the situations that are faced in the real world. I am also realistic about the problems which can arise and will never pretend that a solution will work if there is any doubt that it will be acceptable to the authorities. It is not my policy to promote aggressive tax avoidance schemes but I am willing to be pro-active in achieving tax savings.

CONTACT - Please contact me if you wish to discuss specific or general issues regarding the services that I might be able to provide to you. I am always willing to engage in informal discussions about the type of help I might be able to offer you. However, you should be aware that I am currently not generally taking on new clients as I am often too busy to be able to help within a reasonable timescale. That being said, it is always worth contacting me as I may be able to assist if I do have the time.

Please call or text me on 07966 766550 if you wish to have a chat about how I can help!

What Can I Offer

Understandable, practical advice, both technical and procedural, based on the needs of the individual clients.

Specifically, my role is to act as a specialist advisor to you and your clients; as a temporary addition to your existing team of advisors when specialist advice is needed.

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